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Upcoming Events

As one of the largest and most active amateur astronomy clubs anywhere, there's always something going on in TAAS. Here's a look at upcoming events. Unless otherwise mentioned, all events are free and open to the public so try us out. Then help us "Observe - Educate - Have Fun."

TAAS Perihelion Banquet 2017 - Saturday January 14, 2017

Members and Guests

Before you know it, the holidays will have come and gone, it will be a New Year 2017--and you will be ready for a fun time that doesn't involve travel or gifts, but just getting together with your fellow TAAS members and celebrating another year of the best astronomy group in the West!

We are ready for you--the TAAS Perihelion Banquet will be on Saturday, January 14th at the Elegante Hotel, beginning at 6:00pm and continuing with delicious food, a cash bar, dinner conversation on globular clusters with your friends, an amazing speaker, door prizes, trivia and the election of our new officers for 2017.

Registration and payment in advance is required so that all you have to do on January 14th is don your finery and show up!

Join us by going to this link.

Questions to

Voting information will follow as the date nears

TAAS General Meeting - Saturday December 10, 2016




"Hidden Galaxies Behind the Milky Way" - Dr. Patricia Henning

Hundreds of hidden nearby galaxies have been studied for the first time, shedding light on a mysterious gravitational anomaly dubbed the "Great Attractor". Despite being just 250 million light years from Earth-- very close in astronomical terms--the new galaxies had been obscured from view, until now, by our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Dr. Henning will describe how we use radio telescopes to discover and study these hidden galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance, and the prospects for finding thousands more in the coming years.

Dr. Henning's research involves using radio telescopes around the world to map the distribution of galaxies obscured by our own, and she also studies how galaxies have evolved over the past four billion years with deep observations using the New Mexico VLA radio telescope.

More details...

TAAS Astronomy 101 - Saturday December 10, 2016




TAAS member Jon Schuchardt presents "Observing Planetary Nebulae"

Most amateur astronomers know about the Dumbbell Nebula (M27) and the Ring Nebula (M57), but how many other planetary nebulae have you observed? During this presentation, we'll explore how planetary nebulae form and their place in stellar evolution.

We'll also delve into how to find these diverse objects in the night sky, what to look for, what equipment aids observation, and how to describe them in a way that will convince the Astronomical League to award you an observing certificate. Please join us!

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Friday Nights at the UNM Observatory

Friday Nights at the UNM Observatory are going strong for this semester and well attended by both students,visitors and the TAAS telescopes. Join the happy group and enjoy observing and learning every Friday night during UNM semesters.

The TAAS-UNMO coordinator, Fernando Torres, can be reached at if you have questions or need further information

See below for details and map

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Amateur Telescope Making/Maintenance

Next session - Wednesday, December 21st- 7:00 p.m.

Telescopes! Make Them-Use Them-Fix Them!

TAAS has a wonderful special interest group-Amateur Telescope Making/Maintenance-which meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month (see our calendar). Members and the public alike are welcome to visit, learn more about the opportunities, bring in a telescope for assistance, begin a telescope from scratch or just ask questions.

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