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Astronomical League Corner

TAAS members have the opportunity to join the Astronomical League as members of an affiliated club. One would have to pay $35.00 per year to join as a member-at-large. TAAS membrs can join for only $7.50 per year simply by checking the Astronomical League box when you join or renew on line.

What will joining Astronomical League do for me? For starters, the quarterly "Reflector" magazine is available on line to members only. This magazine is written for amateur astronomers by amateur astronomers and has articles, cartoons, poetry, book reviews, League business, and information about League services. You can also take advantage of a 10% discount through the League's Book Service.

Want to see your name in a national magazine? By completing any of the Observing Programs you will receive a pin and Certificate of Achievement as well as have your name listed in the "Reflector". With over 50 Observing Programs to choose from, there is one for every taste such as: the Messier, Binocular Messier, Deep Sky Binocular, Herschel 400, Sunspotter, Meteor, Arp Peculiar Galaxy, Double Star and Lunar. Some of these programs are described briefly below along woth an image of the award pin. Just click on the text or image to go to the Astronomical League page for that program.

Finally, there is the annual National Convention "ALCON" held in different regions of the country, as well as regional conventions. In both instances, you can have access to the best and brightest names in amateur astronomy.

Questions, please contact the TAAS Astronomical League Coordinator, Becky Ramotowski at

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society is affliated with the Astronomical League.
Visit their
web site.

Messier Observing Program

Binocular Messier Observing Program

Lunar Observing Program

Double Star Observing Program

Herschel 400 Observing Program

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