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School Star Parties

TAAS has a world-class program that brings exciting science to the classroom with star parties at local schools throughout the school year. With our own portable planetarium, a field of superb telescopesm and classroom activities including Rainbow in the Night Sky, All About Comets, and Making a Pocket Solar System, school star parties are always a big hit with students, parents and teachers alike. Read on for details of what's we provide.

StarLab Portable Planetarium

Our state-of-the-art digital planetarium is a great way to bring the stars to your school even in cloudy weather. It seats 25 and we hold multiple sessions through the evening. Inside the StarLab, a portable planetarium, a TAAS presenter delights visitors with a visual tour of the well known constellations and their mythology.

Rainbows in the Night

Using special lights and diffraction glasses, students will learn how astronomers measure the temperature, composition and even the makeup of the atmospheres of distant stars.

Pocket Solar System

Students create their own paper model of the Solar System showing the relative distances between the planets.

Comet Making

Students discover where comets form, what they are made of, and get to see a model of one created right in the classroom.


Of course, telescopes. No star party would be complete without our cadre of volunteers bringing their personal eqipment to your school to delight everyone with the celestial sights.

"Observe - Educate - Have Fun"
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