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The TAAS Fabulous 50

A program for those new to astronomy

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What is the TAAS Fabulous 50 Program?
It is a set of 4 events spread across a calendar year (one for each season) in which a beginner to astronomy learns to locate 50 of the most prominent night sky objects, including stars, constellation and asterisms.
How the Fabulous 50 Program works
The program includes 4 meetings per year and is free and open to the public (bring your friends and family!). Each meeting begins with an indoor presentation about the handful of observing targets designated for that session. We then move outdoors where you can observe these targets - including visual observation along with TAAS volunteers there to help showcase these objects under medium power magnification of binoculars and high power magnification of various telescopes. Finally, it's back indoors for a social hour to get to know your new astronomy friends better.

After attending all four seasonal events, you will have completed the Fab 50 observing list and earned the well-regarded "Fab 50 Certificate," hopefully one of many astronomical lists in your future.
Where do I get the lists?
The Fabulous 50 list is divided into groups by season. Each season has its own collection of objects. Click on the menu items on the left to view any of the lists.
Fab 50 Audience
This program is designed for those new to astronomy trying to understand the layout of the nighttime sky and how to navigate to specific constellations or for those curious folks who just want to know what astronomy is all about.
How do I find the Fab 50 in the sky?
We use star charts from to help you learn the night sky. You can go directly to their site here or download the current month's map using the menu item on the left.

When and where do we meet?
The TAAS home page always has up-to-date information on all upcoming TAAS events including the Fab 50. Meetings will always be announced there with full details. To look farther ahead, check the TAAS Calendar for all TAAS events, or the table below for Fabulous 50 meetings in upcoming months.

Date Address Time Map
Friday, January 20, 2017 All Saints Orthodox Church, 10440 4th Street NW 7:00 p.m. Map
Friday, April 21, 2017 All Saints Orthodox Church, 10440 4th Street NW 7:30 p.m. Map
Friday, July 14, 2017 All Saints Orthodox Church, 10440 4th Street NW 8:00 p.m. Map
Friday, October 13, 2017 All Saints Orthodox Church, 10440 4th Street NW 7:00 p.m. Map

If you have questions or need additional details, email: