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Local Astronomical Resources

New Mexico is a great place for astronomy and TAAS isn't your only resource. Here in Albuquerque and around the state there are plenty of resources for amateur astronomers. Here are a few.

Click in any of the boxes to go to the site.


New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

Rio Rancho Astronomical Society (RRAS)

World Wide Web Astronomical Resources

There's lots of astronomy stuff on the internet: science projects, star charts, educational aids, etc. Every now and then, we find a real gem, something worth sharing. That's what this section is all about. Check out some of these sites. They are worth visiting.

International Dark-Sky Association


Sky Charts

Virtual Moon Atlas

SETI at Home

David Levy on Internet Radio

NASA Human Space Flight

Sky Maps

Heavens Above

Star Date

"Observe - Educate - Have Fun"
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