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The TAAS 200

The TAAS 200 is a list of celestial observing targets developed by TAAS members. It includes the best 200 non-Messier objects easily visible from central New Mexico, objects north of declination -48°. Since it includes so many bright objects Messier overlooked, or could not see from Europe, it could be viewed as complementary to his famous list.

The TAAS 200 is not an abbreviated version of the Herschel 400 list. While about two thirds of the TAAS 200 objects are also Herschel 400 objects, the TAAS 200 includes several dozen bright objects not in the Herschel 400. The TAAS 200 is includes all objects, after the Messiers, that are bright, large, impressive, colorful, and of historical interest. It does not include "challenge" objects which require advanced techniques and very large telescopes, or objects fainter than about magnitude 12. All of the TAAS 200 objects can be viewed with a 6-inch telescope. While the minimum aperture needed to detect the object with certainty is listed, many of the fainter objects require an aperture of at least twice this size.

The list, and Messier's list is available in several electronic formats. Just follow the links on the left hand menu. The TAAS 200 Scavenger Hunt is held each sping and fall. These hunts include a list of 40 objects from the TAAS 200. To object is to find as many of the 40 as you can before midnight.

Good luck and we hope you have many enjoyable hours observing the TAAS 200!