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TAAS 200 Scavenger Hunts

The TAAS 200 list of deep sky objects is one of the club's prized projects. To publicize our list and to generally go out and have fun, we are have scavenger hunts for those who want to find 40 objects selected from the list. There are two scavenger hunt lists, one for the spring and one for the fall. To see each list, just click on text in the left side menu.

Here is the gist of the hunt. Starting at sundown, astronomers have until midnight to find and record the 40 objects. It is hoped that astronomers will only use their star charts but those who want to use the "go-to" or "push-to" feature on their telescope will not be turned away.

The real purpose here is to have fun.

The scavenger hunt takes place at GNTO (please contact the GNTO director for directions) on November 26 during the GNTO New Moon event. The hunt starts when it is dark enough to observe and ends at midnight.

The link below leads you to the list of objects to be used at the scavenger hunt.