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TAAS 200 Image Catalogs

TAAS is very fortunate to have an astrophotographer as skilled and generous as Dan Richey. He has imaged all 200 of the TAAS 200 objects, created two catalogs in pdf fomat, and made them available for perusal or download here. The catalogs are specifically tailored to help observers recognize these objects. All images have the same field of view to help you know what to expect. Bright objects (globular and open clusters) were imaged with 30 minutes of exposure (5 minute sub frames) and dim ones (nebulae and galaxies) with 60 minutes of exposure (10 minute sub frames) to help you judge relative brightness.

Be warned, before prodeeding, that each catalog, with its 200 images is large, about 80 MB and may take a while to appear on your screen and to download. In one catalog, available here, the objects are ordered by the TAAS 200 number. The second catalog, available here, has the objects listed by constellation.

Good luck and we hope you have many enjoyable hours observing the TAAS 200.

If you'd like to see more of Dan's astroimages, check out his website: