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The TAAS Files

Like the X-Files, only this is real science. TAAS has many, very talented members. This is a place for them to show their stuff. Whether it be presentation material from our General Meetings, photos of TAAS events or anything of astronomical interest, details and tips on observing or bulding astro equipment, or documentation covering any topic of interest to amateur astronomers, you can find it here.

Well, you probably won't find it here just yet. There is some great amterial here but this area of our website is new and growing. Send your submittals to and share your talents with the rest of TAAS and the world-wide astronomy community.

Just click on any of the images or text to see the associated submittal. With some of the splendid graphics, some files may be large and take a while to download, but it will be worth it.

Cosmology - Dee Friesen

Non-Tracking DSLR Astrophotography: A Fast Track to Becoming a Night Sky Photographer - Dale Murray

Andromeda and its Place in the Local Group - Ylva Pihlström

Kepler! - Barry Spletzer

The Open Cluster Story - W.P. (Phil) Fleming

Determination of Lunar Feature Heights from Shadow Lengths - Boris Venet

Observing Planetary Nebulae - Jon Schuchardt

Observing a Total Solar Eclipse - Mike Molitor

Observing Globular Clusters - Jon Schuchardt

Photographing the Night Sky - Dale Murray

Gravity Wave Detection - Dale Ouimette

History of Star Catalogs - Rick Thurmond

How Did the Moon Get Inside My Telescope? - Barry Spletzer