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Take advantage of being a member of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society. You will be supporting one of the largest and most active amateur astronomy clubs anywhere!

Member benefits of TAAS

As a member of TAAS you get many benefits, below is a list of those amazing benifits

GNTO Access

GNTO is our private observatory which is available to TAAS-mebers and thier guests, it also sits in Bortles Class 4 skies. This is one of the best features of being a member of TAAS! We meet two times monthly on the 3rd Quater Moon and New Moon, you also have access as a member to enjoy the site any time you like. We have multiple telescopes onsite you can borrow and can take advantage of the 22 concrete pads we have to set up your own equipment. We also have a heated kitchen and sleeping quarters along with a public outhouse.

Other Member Benefits

Is a private observatory not enough? Check what else you get with your membership!

Loaner Program

As a member you don’t need a telescope to join TAAS. We have an amazing selection of Telescopes, Solar Telescopes, Binoculars, and many accessories to choose from!

TAAS Trader

As member of TAAS you can use our new Equipment Trader member only area to buy and sell telescopes!

TAAS Auctions

As a member you get to take advantage of our yearly telescope auction where you can bid on all kinds of Astronomy equipment, new and old!


Is a great way to connect with all our members. Members post articles, images and tons of great content. This is a great way to connect with all the TAAS Members to learn, share and connet!

Lending Library

TAAS has invested in a fantastic digital library. You can download and borrow Astronomy books to your favorite devices such as Kindle, iPad, or Android tablets.

Sidereal Times

We release monthly newsletters. While these are free to the community as a member you can submit articles and or Astro pictures you have taken

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