Telescope Loan Program

TAAS operates one of the largest telescope loan programs among amateur astronomical organizations in the country. We have more than three dozen scopes available including all popular types. TAAS also has large binoculars, premium oculars (eyepieces), and many other accessories available to borrow. The loan program is available to all members without charge. To see what TAAS has available for loan, please browse below.

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We have many accessories, charts, barlows, a sky quality meter and even a DSLR for astrophotography
Pocket Sky Atlas, Jumbo Edition Accessories
Planisphere Accessories

While generally superseded by modern smart phone planetarium programs, the planisphere is still useful to study the night sky as it changes by time of day and season.

“Our Night Sky”, The Great Courses, DVD and guidebook Accessories
Four sets of eyepiece filters Accessories
Illuminated Reticles Accessories
Laser Newtonian Collimator Accessories
Meade 4000 3” f 6.3 Focal Reducer and Field Flattener Accessories
Williams Optics Bino Viewer with two 26mm eyepieces Accessories
Barlow Lenses Accessories
Green Laser Pointer Accessories
Glass Solar Filter for 8” SCT Thousand Oaks Model 2080 Accessories
(2) Celestron 10x42 Solar Binocular Accessories
QSI Model 583 Accessories