Telescope Loan Program

TAAS operates one of the largest telescope loan programs among amateur astronomical organizations in the country. We have more than three dozen scopes available including all popular types. TAAS also has large binoculars, premium oculars (eyepieces), and many other accessories available to borrow. The loan program is available to all members without charge. To see what TAAS has available for loan, please browse below.

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TAAS Loaner Scopes

Orion 20x80 Binoculars
Orion 20x80 Binoculars

Name: Orion 20x80 Binoculars
Type: Binoculars
Package: 37
Optics: 20 x 80mm

Weight: 20 pounds

Parallelogram mount and tripod

This is an exceptional binocular package that is just right for any of the Astronomical League Binocular Observing Programs. The parallelogram mount makes using these large binoculars comfortable and precise.

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